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Unionized Construction Workers Stand In Solidarity the WGA

Our common enemy: corporate greed.


The strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) may seem like a distant battle, but unionized construction workers recognize the parallels in our respective struggles. We stand in solidarity with the WGA, knowing that the fight against greed and the pursuit of fair labor conditions transcend our industries.


Let's explore the similarities between our struggles against powerful interests, whether they be streaming services, studio execs, real estate developers or non-union contractors.


Fighting For Fair Pay

The WGA strike aims to secure fair compensation, particularly in the age of streaming services. Greedy studios and streaming platforms seek to maximize their profits at the expense of writers. Similarly, construction workers battle greedy developers who cut corners to reduce costs, undermining fair pay and benefits. Our shared fight for fair compensation and a shot at the American dream unites us.


Workplace Safety: A Common Concern

For unionized construction workers, safety comes first, which is why we are the most highly trained and skilled workers in the industry. Though writers may not face physical hazards, they grapple with harassment, long hours, and mental health concerns. Both unions strive for a safe and respectful work environment, proving that safety matters everywhere.

In the fight for fairness, union construction workers have a lot in common with union writers.


Job Security: A Shared Priority

Job security is a critical issue facing both construction workers and writers. Greedy developers may misclassify workers or hire temporary positions to minimize costs, while studios and streaming services exploit short-term contracts and project-based work. Our unions strive to promote job stability and protect our members from the volatile, insecure employment practices.


Comprehensive Benefits: A Universal Need

America has unions to thank for many of the benefits we take for granted today. Yet workers still face greedy interests that aim to minimize expenses by skimping on healthcare and other benefits. Construction work takes a toll on our bodies, making health and retirement benefits crucial. The WGA's fight for improved benefits aligns with our goals, emphasizing that all workers deserve fair benefits during their careers and beyond. 


Resisting the Monopolization of Power

Both construction workers and writers face the challenge of dealing with powerful interests that monopolize resources and decision-making power. Greedy developers and studios maintain control over project funding and distribution, often exploiting workers to maximize their profits. Our unions serve as a counterbalance, empowering workers to stand together in our pursuit of fair labor conditions and equitable treatment.


The struggles of unionized construction workers and the Writers Guild of America reveal a common fight against greed. As we stand in solidarity with the WGA, we remind ourselves that our shared goals extend beyond our individual industries. By supporting one another and working together, we can challenge the greed of the powerful and create a more just and equitable labor landscape for all workers, regardless of their profession.


Mark Colangelo is a writer and blogger.

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