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Miracle? No. Unions Are Trained for This

Mayor Eric Adams said it was "a miracle no one died" the day a crane collapsed on 10th Avenue during rush hour. We asked union members what they thought.

Duration – 2:39

A crane falls hundreds of feet from atop a New York City construction and crashes to the street in the middle of rush hour. It might seem like it was a miracle that no one was killed in that incident. In fact, that's what Mayor Eric Adams called it when he spoke about the event to news cameras that day. "It was a miracle no one died," he said. 


Union Built Matters sent Billy the Builder to a Manhattan construction site to talk with construction workers like the ones who were on that 10th Avenue job that day: union workers. They have a different point of view about those events. They don't think it was a miracle no one died, they say that they have been trained to deal with emergencies and therefore know what to do to protect people in a catastrophic situation.

No. It wasn't a miracle no one died. It was union training.

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