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How Many New Yorkers Did Those Flagmen Save That Day?

Union-Built Matters spoke with a person who was on the scene the day that flaming crane collapsed on 10th Avenue. That person's account is retold in the dramatization above. Lives were saved, no doubt.

We spend a lot of time on this site talking about the many benefits that union construction crews bring to this city. These men and women are the most well-trained and certified workers. They take care that our buildings are the best-built in the world. But one thing we probably don't talk about enough is the amount of safety they bring to the people who pass by union work sites.

We spoke with a person who was on the scene that day a crane caught fire and fell to the ground from 45 stories up. They asked to remain anonymous because they expect the event to land in the courts. They told us about quick thinking actions made by union flagmen that undoubtedly saved lives that morning. Our source told us, "When unions say 'safety first,' we don't only mean ourselves. We know we're part of the city. Our job site is part of the city. So we need to take care in all aspects. And that includes the safety of New Yorkers who are walking and driving by where we're working."

We can only guess how many lives were saved that day by 3 flagmen. But we can be sure that it was union members who saved them.

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