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Smart New York Shoppers Make 3 Right Decisions on Real Estate


Union-built 33 Bond Street is a pinnacle of high-rise construction and the kind of value smart real estate shoppers look for.

Making a smart buy in NYC means playing chess, not checkers. In this competitive market, educated home buyers know that success lies in making informed, forward-thinking choices. From choosing a location with future potential to understanding the profound value of union-built construction quality, making smart choices will ensure you are making an investment you won’t regret. Here are three choices savvy home buyers make: 

Pick A Future-Proof Location 

Smart buyers aren’t just looking at the current appeal of a location; they’re taking the future into account. They investigate upcoming developments, infrastructure projects, and the growth potential of the neighborhood. Oftentimes, this foresight can mean choosing a quieter area poised for growth over a current hotspot that’s already going for a premium.

Enlist The Experts

You wouldn’t go into a court without a lawyer, right? So why enter NYC’s cutthroat real estate market without a pro by your side? Smart buyers team up with real estate agents they can trust. One surefire way to tell if your agent is on your team is to ask them to show you properties in union-built buildings— if they refuse, it may indicate they are putting a developer's interests above yours. It’s also smart to enlist an inspector to ensure there are no underlying issues that could turn into a costly nightmare down the line. 

Enlist an inspector to ensure there are no underlying issues that could turn into a costly nightmare.

Buy Union-Built Construction

Choosing a union-built property is a wise wager. Why? Because union-built is synonymous with quality, safety, and longevity. New York's union craftsmen are the most highly trained in the world. In addition, union construction outfits never compromise on materials or cut corners on construction techniques to save a buck. Meanwhile, developers believe they save money when they hire non-union construction crews, but there are no savings passed on to the buyer. You still pay New York's top going rate. So you decide: do you want the best quality your dollar can buy, or are you OK accepting lower quality so a rich developer can keep more for themselves.


Buying a home in NYC can be complex and challenging. But these three choices— prioritizing a future-proof location, teaming up with trusted experts, and opting for the unmatched quality of union-built properties— are what set apart the savvy NYC homebuyer. By approaching the market with these strategies, you're not just buying a home; you're making an investment in New York that's built to last.


Mark Colangelo is a writer and blogger.

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