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Non-Union and the Mob


A recent slew of corruption cases have civil agents concerned that organized crime has infiltrated New York's non-union construction industry

Supreme Court Delivers Blow To Workers Everywhere


The right to strike is in peril after an unprecedented supreme court decision.

Local 211’s Fight for Respect


Union-Built Matters gets the latest scoop on New York’s building inspectors fight for a better contract, and for equity among uniformed city employees.

A Union-Built Bridge to Success in Civilian Life

Union apprenticeship programs are transitioning veterans from protecting our nation to building it


US Construction’s Bizarro World


As projects and costs increase, worker union representation decreases. Only in an upside-down universe does this make any sense.

A Towering Inferno Waiting To Happen


New York City’s most infamous non-union money pit doesn’t just lean. It’s also a deadly fire hazard.

Marianne Williamson: If We Want Liberty, We Need Stronger Unions 


The 2024 Democratic Presidential candidate talks with journalist Walker Bragman about the importance of strengthening labor unions for a more equitable future. 

Union Stickers Show the Love


Decorated hard hats illustrate the big differences between union and non-union labor

New York’s Zombie Buildings

So many stalled non-union projects; not dead, but not really alive either.


Unionized Construction Workers Stand In Solidarity the WGA

Our common enemy: corporate greed.


Non-Union Construction Fraud Case: "Despicable, Greedy, Criminal"


DA Bragg accuses JM3 Construction of allegedly scheming to lie to the city and defraud minority-owned businesses, workers, and insurance of millions. 

The Far Right
and Their 'Right to Work' Laws


"Right to Work" laws have a shocking and extremist origin story. Their legacy of harm persists to this day.

Taking Public Funds? Then Pay The Prevailing Wage

New York State Senator Jessica Ramos has introduced a bill to close a loophole that is allowing contractors to under-pay workers.


Make Wage Theft a Felony


The Wage Theft Accountability Act aims to classify wage theft as larceny, and can add jail time to stiff financial penalties.

5 Ways Unions are Building a Greener NYC

New York City’s construction unions are leading the charge to tackle global warming and build a more sustainable future.


Meet the Union Man Who Built the World Trade Center — Twice!

Larry Hughes, a New York City union man for over 60 years, contributed blood and sweat to the construction of both iterations of the World Trade Center, the only worker to do that.

Larry Hughes Compare.png

Construction CEOs Fear “Dire Consequences,” Unions Offer a Solution

A deficit of skilled construction workers is sparking an alarming rise in construction accidents. Unions point the way forward. 


5Pointz Against Non-Union Construction

Another genius hires non-union for a big job, and New Yorkers end up paying the price.


The Business Case For Hiring and Buying Union

Unions do more than benefit union members. They are building a better and more profitable future for all stakeholders.


Women in NYC Construction

Women’s roles in building our city have progressed significantly in recent years, but there is always more work to be done.


Calling B.S. on 8 Lies About Labor Unions

Powerful interests have spent untold sums to taint the our perception of unions. We’re debunking some of their most pervasive talking points. 


Union Labor is More Affordable than Non-Union. Seriously.

A new report proves that hiring unions to build your building is the safest cost calculation a developer can make.


10 Audacious Tactics from the Union-Busting Playbook

Anti-union companies have become increasingly aggressive in their union-busting activities. We took a look at their playbook and pulled out some of the top tactics workers everywhere need to be aware of.


Coping With Sidewalk Sheds

Scaffolding and sidewalk sheds are a permanent part of life for New Yorkers, some of whom have come up with creative ways to embrace their presence.


Nearly a Decade Later, 1 Seaport is Still Leaning

A non-union nightmare that left dozens of elite real estate investors high-and-dry offers a lesson for NYC homebuyers big and small: ask “who built this building”


Construction Cave-Ins Kill

Deadly cave-ins should not happen on construction sites. So why do they?


4 Powerful Reasons Women are Embracing Unions at Record Rates

Once again women are spearheading union organizing efforts. This Women’s History Month, we examine the benefits a union can offer women. 


20 Dead in 2021

A new tally of fatalities by NYCOSH says non-union is back to pre-pandemic bad-normal.


The Fatal Four:
Construction’s Grim Reapers

A look at the most lethal construction site hazards underscores how union training and safety culture can mean the difference between life and death.


Scaffolding Isn’t Just A Nuisance—It’s Deadly

It's a perpetual presence in the Big Apple. It's also the site of many construction deaths.


The Shocking Cost of Open-Shop Exploitation


The numbers don’t lie. Too many corrupt non-union contractors get rich at the expense of everyone else. 

Wage Theft is Still a Thing


Despite new laws, unscrupulous contractors still find ways to hold construction workers down.

Don't Buy a Money Pit: Here Are 5 Proven Reasons You Should Buy Union-Built in NYC

Too few real estate shoppers know to ask the one question that will help them steer clear of a money pit: “Who built this building?” 


Rigged Bidding is Ruining NYC Construction

Cheating non-union contractors graduate from bending the rules to breaking them.


Unions Are A Powerful Force For Uplifting The Black Community

This Black History Month we celebrate the powerful, yet often overlooked, role that unions play in giving Black Americans a chance to grab a slice of the American dream. 


As Unionization Efforts Grow, Lobbyists Push Back Hard

Like in New York construction, restaurant organizers are fighting an uphill battle


New Yorkers Pay The Price So The Contractors Who Cheat Can Get Rich

When some contractors choose to cut corners and break the law to win bids on construction projects, the rest of us pay for it. Watch Walker Bragman's interview with economist Dr. James Parrott of the New School.

The DOB Safety Surge of 2023

A renewed safety push will involve unannounced inspections and educational meetings to encourage construction crews to follow safety measures.


The Fed Chooses the Fat Cats
Over Workers

It’s not just wealthy developers undermining construction unions. The central bank is fighting its own war to keep workers down. 


Higher Wages Don’t Mean
Higher Price Tags

I grabbed a beer with a longtime union shop owner to get his thoughts on the NYC construction industry. He explains why hiring union can be far less costly than opting for non-union.


It's All About the Schooling

New York City construction union workers are trained better, so they do their jobs better, and that's why the buildings they build are better.

An NFL Tragedy Demonstrates Why Management Can’t Be Trusted with Worker Safety

NFL Leadership wanted the Bills-Bengals game to continue after on-field horror. The NFL Players’ Union said no. 


A Major Difference Between Union and Non-Union Crews: Training

Union contractors train, test and verify their workers. Nobody knows what the non-union contractors do.


Caveat Emptor

The past year in NYC construction confirms the Latin tenet: Let the Buyer Beware

Caveat Emptor Hero.png

“A Great Life”

A 61-year union veteran reflects on the life made possible by union membership.


Unionizing Workers Fight
“Feckless Thugs” Everywhere

Starbucks bullying of workers looks familiar to unionized New York construction crews.


An Inspector Assaulted

What happens when a NYC DOB buildings inspector is attacked in the field by a builder?


Rumors Swirl Around Status of Notorious Contractor

StructureTech, a New York City-based general contractor, folded without warning this fall. Industry personnel have an idea of what the company might be plotting.


New York’s Coming Construction Tsunami


The non-union construction workforce is not prepared.

"Who Are the Thugs?"
Election Time Is Union-Bashing Time

Union Guy Hero.png

A misleading political leaflet drives a dagger into the heart of a union man.

The War on Regulators Makes Unions More Important Than Ever


An interview with a former OSHA leader underscores the increased relevance of labor unions in protecting workers.

In NYC Construction,
Union-Built is Better Built

It’s common sense, so why are so many developers putting up high rises with non-union labor?

unions better hero.png

Why Do We Love Unions When Almost None Of Us Can Join One?

Gallup: More Americans approve of unions, but so few of us can actually join one.

Union Gulf Hero.png

Two Killed Workers: The Same Sad Lesson


Any money saved by hiring non-union is not worth the lives that are lost as a result. Hire union.

DOB Overhaul Hero.png

Finally, Here Comes the DOB Overhaul We’ve Been Waiting For

New York City is creating a commission to define and implement desperately needed reforms for the construction industry watchdog.

DOB Overhaul Hero.png
Why Should You Care Who Builds NYC Buildings? Here Are 3 Good Reasons
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Quality Suffers

Saving money on construction often means cutting corners, which starts a domino effect. Yeah, scary metaphor when you’re talking about buildings.

Vacate Order in Window.png
Who Saves Money?
Savings Mansion.png

A closer look shows who reaps the savings from cheaper construction labor. Spoiler alert: It’s not you!

Fraud & Abuse
Killed Workers Juan Cerezo.png

From stealing worker wages to negligent manslaughter, non-union fraud causes major grief —for workers and for you.


When developers choose non-union, it hurts more than the building

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