Gregory Ecchevarria Didn't Need to Die

He survived more than 10 years of active military service in Afghanistan and Iraq, but couldn't survive New York City's increasingly deadly construction industry. This is his story.

Which Brother Will Live, Which Won't?

The answer has to do with whether they were in a union or not. 


This is the story of Luis and Angel Ramos, two brothers who came to New York City from Ecuador with exceptional carpentry skills and dreams of prosperity. One is realizing those dreams, the other is dead. Union membership is the key difference.

Luis Ramos 2.png
Luis Ramos
Angel Ramos
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If it Cost Less to Make, it Should Cost Less to Buy, But...

If a product costs less to make, you should pay less for it. So how would you feel about paying a Cadillac price for a Kia?


You’d be outraged. Well, that overpay scenario may be happening every day to purchasers of high-rise real estate in New York City. Here's a look at why that matters.

As of 2019 construction is New York City’s most deadly occupation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That includes policing and firefighting.

How did we get here?

The Deadliest Job in New York City: Construction Worker



85.5 %

NYC Work Site Deaths
–Private Sector
Since 2015–


Public Cost of Wage Theft
–In New York
in 2016–


Fines for Wage Theft
Since 2015–
Quality Suffers

Saving money on construction often means cutting corners, which starts a domino effect. Yeah, scary metaphor when you’re talking about buildings.

Who Saves Money?
Savings Mansion.png

A closer look shows who reaps the savings from cheaper construction labor. Spoiler alert: It’s not you!

Fraud & Abuse

From stealing worker wages to negligent manslaughter, non-union fraud causes major grief —for workers and for you.


When developers choose non-union, it hurts more than the building

Leaning Tower 04.png


The Leaning Tower of Pizzarotti

It matters who you hire.


The most experienced, best quality work crews in New York City belong to its best-in-the-world construction unions. Developers who shun them do so at their own peril. Here’s just one more very expensive case study to prove that point: The Seaside Condominiums, also known as “The Leaning Tower of Pizzarotti.”


The 58-story high-rise condominium in New York’s seaport district being put up by general contractor Pizzarotti IBC, LLC — who chose to hire non-union — is leaning to the north.


Buildings aren’t supposed to lean.


Find Out If Your High-Rise Is Union-Built

When it comes to high-rise structures, quality construction can be the difference between a wonderful experience, and a nightmare. Find out who built your high-rise super structure, and more.

Is It Union Search Tool Image.png

In addition to New York's world class skyline, unions have given America some quality-of-life benefits that we all hold dear. Discover just some of the standards we enjoy because a union fought for and won them, for us all.

Unions Gave Us This and More


To Help Protect Our Skyline

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