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Write Your City Councilman

Help us keep NYC construction safe, honest and unionized.

Add your name to the list of people expressing their concern about New York City construction practices. Select your city councilman and hit send.

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Dear Councilman,


I am a citizen who is unhappy about the number of high-rise construction projects being run by non-union operations in New York City.


Many contractors who hire non-union have a well-documented record of fraud, incompetence and negligence. Many have robbed workers of wages, robbed the public of taxes, and even cost the lives of some of their employees. And the penalties for their illegal behavior are far too lax.


I believe in the value of worker dignity and human life, and demand that New York City stand by these values as we influence who builds our all-important high-rises. 


Please support all legislative efforts that strengthen the middle class and unions, including Carlos' Law, the Wage Theft Bill and the PRO Act.



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Margaret S. Chin, Manhattan 1

Carlina Rivera, Manhattan 2

Corey Johnson, Manhattan 3

Keith Powers, Manhattan 4

Ben Kallos, Manhattan 5

Helen Rosenthal, Manhattan 6

Mark Levine, Manhattan 7

Diana Ayala, Manhattan 8

Bill Perkins, Manhattan 9

Ydanis Rodriguez, Manhattan 10

Eric Dinowitz, Bronx 11

Kevin Riley, Bronx 12

Mark Gjonaj, Bronx 13

Fernando Cabrera, Bronx 14

Oswald Feliz, Bronx 15

Vanessa L. Gibson, Bronx 16

Rafael Salamanca, Jr. , Bronx 17

Ruben Diaz, Bronx 18

Paul Vallone, Queens 19

Peter Koo, Queens 20

Francisco Moya, Queens 21

Office of Council District 22, Queens 22

Barry Grodenchik, Queens 23

James F. Gennaro, Queens 24

Daniel Dromm, Queens 25

Jimmy Van Bramer, Queens 26

I. Daneek Miller, Queens 27

Adrienne E. Adams, Queens 28

Karen Koslowitz, Queens 29

Robert F. Holden, Queens 30

Selvena N. Brooks-Powers, Queens 31

Eric A. Ulrich, Queens 32

Stephen T. Levin, Brooklyn 33

Antonio Reynoso, Brooklyn 34

Laurie A. Cumbo, Brooklyn 35

Robert E. Cornegy, Jr., Brooklyn 36

Darma V. Diaz, Brooklyn 37

Carlos Menchaca, Brooklyn 38

Brand Lander, Brooklyn 39

Mathieu Eugene, Brooklyn 40

Alicka Ampry-Samuel, Brooklyn 41

Inez Barron, Brooklyn 42

Justin Brannan, Brooklyn 43

Kalman Yeger, Brooklyn 44

Farah N. Louis, Brooklyn 45

Alan N. Maisel, Brooklyn 46

Mark Treyger, Brooklyn 47

Office of Council District 48, Brooklyn 48

Deborah Rose, Staten Island 49

Steven Mateo, Staten Island 50

Joseph C. Borelli, Staten Island 51

Don't know who your council member is? Here's a district map. The names below are linked to their email addresses.

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