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Dear Councilman,


I am a citizen who is unhappy about the number of high-rise construction projects being run by non-union operations in New York City.


Many contractors who hire non-union have a well-documented record of fraud, incompetence and negligence. Many have robbed workers of wages, robbed the public of taxes, and even cost the lives of some of their employees. And the penalties for their illegal behavior are far too lax.


I believe in the value of worker dignity and human life, and demand that New York City stand by these values as we influence who builds our all-important high-rises. 


Please urge the Governor to sign the Carlos' Law bill to establish significant penalties for developers, general contractors, and subcontractors who manage projects where a worker's death is the result of criminal conduct.


Stiffer penalties will spur employers to protect their workers on the job.



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