A concerning record[1]

Defrauded union funds out of millions

  • Trident was formed in 2018 after its predecessor company, ACS, entered bankruptcy proceedings. ACS entered bankruptcy after a Manhattan federal court judge found ACS to be an unlawful alter ego of the union contractor Navillus, created to avoid Navillus’s obligations to union benefit funds.[i]

  • In 2017, a Manhattan federal court judge ordered Navillus to pay $76 million to union funds to cover benefit fund contributions it had avoided through its alter-ego scheme.[ii] Navillus declared bankruptcy as a result of this judgment, causing ACS to go out of business and re-emerge under the name Trident.[iii]

  • The judge noted in her opinion that Trident founder Eoin Moriarty “was obviously lying” in his trial testimony.[iv]

Insurance and visa fraud admitted to over the course of the trial.

  • During the course of the above-mentioned alter ego trial, numerous additional frauds committed by ACS principals were exposed. Among these fraudulent acts were:

    • Visa fraud: ACS principals admitted to lying to US Citizenship and Immigration Services to illegally obtain H-1B and J-1 visas for immigrant workers.[v]

    • Insurance Fraud: ACS principals admitted to lying to an insurance company in order to secure bonding for a project by intentionally inflating the amount and value of work ACS had previously performed.[vi]

  • The judge in the case commented during summation: “I’d love to turn all of this over to the United States attorney… the amount of fraud in this case, the insurance fraud, the visa fraud, a lot of fraud has gone on here and I will call it fraud for fraud it is.” [vii]

Sued over alleged discrimination

  • Two African-American former Trident employees recently filed a lawsuit claiming they were subjected to a discriminatory environment where supervisors frequently used racial and homophobic slurs and threatened to fight them.[viii]

  • The workers say they were fired in retaliation when they complained about the harassment they endured from the company’s general foreman.[ix] One of the two men who was fired was first asked to unsafely grind concrete on a 7th story ledge, and then fired when he refused.[x]

  • The case is ongoing as of July 3, 2019.

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