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"Tear It Down"

We asked New Yorkers what they thought of the non-union-built debacle in lower Manhattan, the Leaning Tower of Pizzarotti. They did not hold back.

Billy the Builder took to lower Manhattan to talk with New Yorkers about the 670-foot tall testament to non-union incompetence, the Leaning Tower of Pizzarotti (named for the developer behind this failure). 

Tear It Down: People who live and work in the area are clear about what they want to do with the tower.

Be Afraid, Very Afraid: The tower's neighbors live in a tilting shadow of fear.

Amen: One local worker testifies to why non-unions take bad risks and why union-built is better built.

In New York, We Want Unions: The people are clear, non-union shoddiness is ruining the city. They want union-built.

Union-Built Matters: Our work seems to be making a positive impression on New Yorkers.

How are we doing?

Has the content on this site convinced you to seek union-built quality over non-union construction?

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