Sky Materials Corporartion

A concerning record[1]

Manslaughter charge following Carlos Moncayo’s death

  • Sky Materials pled guilty to manslaughter and its foreman, Wilmer Cueva, was convicted of criminally negligent homicide, following the death of Carlos Moncayo, who was

Carlos Moncayo was 22 when he was killed at a Sky Materials construction site that had been repeatedly cited for safety violations.  Photo: Craines New York

See the Carlos' Law

buried alive on a Sky Materials work site after a trench he was working in collapsed on him. [i]

Manslaughter investigation finds Sky concealed millions in payroll and stole hundreds of thousands from workers:

  • The investigation into the jobsite death uncovered significant insurance fraud by Sky Materials. Investigators found that Sky had drastically underreported the number of workers on its payroll in order to lower its insurance premiums. The total amount of underreported payroll was $3,650,000 over the course of two years.[ii]

  • The investigation also resulted in Sky having to pay its workers $464,000 in unpaid back wages.[iii]



[iii] See page 3.

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