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Overwhelmingly, You Want Unions to Build Our Buildings


Through our poll, you've been loud and clear. More than 93% of you want to live, work, or learn in buildings that have been built by New York City's construction unions. -- Getty Images

You may have noticed a simple survey at the bottom of some of our recent stories. The question is simple, do you prefer to live, work, and/or shop in a building that was built by New York’s construction unions? Or do you believe there is no real difference in the quality of work between unions and non-unions?


After culling the repeat votes, we received almost 500 unique answers from you. The results are stunningly clear. Over 93% of you say you prefer to be in a union building while less than 7% said they believe there’s no difference between union and non-union construction. In actual numbers, that’s 464 who are for union construction, 34 who are not convinced.


The survey included an additional unrequired field – an open comment form. We took in a lot of feedback from you on the importance of union-built structures. Here are just some of the reasons you think union-built means better-built.



The union members are trained in apprenticeships. Their knowledge of the best construction practices is guaranteed. Not so much with non-union workers. How do we know what those workers know?


I’m IBEW for 20 years. I get regular training on safety and new standards and new materials. And it’s all covered by my union. When people complain that unions are more expensive, this is what that money is paying for – keeping me and my colleagues informed, safe and insured. It’s why we do better work.


I want my building built by the people who have to earn their way into an organization by training and demonstrating their skills (unions).



If you count how many non-union workers have died working construction in NYC and compare that with how many union people have died, you see the real difference in safety between the two. What kind of good work can you do when you don’t feel safe on the work site?


OMG, there’s a job happening on my block in Hunts Point. It’s a total mess. Materials stacked crazily everywhere trash blowing around. What an eyesore to have to walk by. I saw an ambulance there the other day taking a worker away. It has to be non-union. When it’s done, I will avoid that building like the plague.


All the best buildings in New York were union built. Period. It’s why they stand the test of time so well.


I’m sure there are non-union contractors who train their workers and insure them, and who do good work. But I have a feeling they are the exception. On the other hand, ALL union workers are trained, insured and protected. Union-built matters.


Cheap labor isn’t skilled. And skilled labor isn’t cheap. 


How do we stop this dangerous shoddy non union work.

Union-Built Construction Rules! Built Right, Built Safe. Built to Last. And all the workers have a better life.


Unions made New York the envy of the world. Unions = Good jobs for good workers: we all benefit.


Non-union is hiring [desperate] labor and paying them almost nothing. Just to fill their pockets. Then the apartments are sold for millions each. This is un-American.


In America and in ALL countries we will live with better standards when we are represented by UNIONS!!! All are welcome!! Just leave ur HATE AND JUDGEMENTS OUTSIDE.


Union-Built Construction Rules! Built Right, Built Safe. Built to Last. And all the workers have a better life.


Longtime union guy here. I’ve lived through the hayday of construction here and am now being affected by the growth of non-union and how that’s affecting everyone. I just want to say, thanks for bringing our stories out. Keep it up.


Local 3 journeyman. I appreciate what you do on this site. Keep doing it.

We appreciate your input. Please keep sending it our way. It feels like today, more than ever before, union-built matters.

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