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Membership Benefits

Union members talk about what having benefits means to their lives, their jobs, and the quality of the buildings they put up.

One of the biggest differences there is between working for a union and working in a non-union shop, is the benefits. Union members get them, non-union workers usually don't. And getting benefits matters: to the employees, to their families, and to the quality of the work. We spoke with several members of New York's Cement and Concrete Workers District Council Local 20 about what those benefits mean to them.

"We're creating a family for the future"

Yesenia Diaz-Lopez and Joinathan Rujano, Local 20

"What I put in to this business, I get back 10-fold on my way out."

Frank Storiano, Local 20 Apprentice Coordinator

"I work hard for the union, and the union takes care of us."

Dominic Eldin, Local 20

"Having benefits makes me feel safer."

Nelson Hernandez, Local 20

"You work with guys who push you to do better."

Robert Williams, Local 20

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