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Meet the Union Man Who Built the World Trade Center — Twice!

Larry Hughes, a New York City union man for over 60 years, contributed blood and sweat to the construction of both iterations of the World Trade Center, the only worker to do that.

Larry Hughes joined New York's Local 18A in the 1960s. In the time since he's seen a lot change in the city, and in his life, much of it made possible by his union membership. Union-Built Matters spent a little time with Mr. Hughes, who talked about that life, and how he was the only construction worker to work on the creation of both iterations of the World Trade Center.

Larry Hughes Compare.png

Larry Hughes worked for 10 years on the construction of the original World Trade Center (left) and then dusted off his skills to help again when the structure was rebuilt and named the Freedom Tower, in 2013.

Larry Hughes WTC1.png

Union workers attend the unveiling of the original World Trade Center in 1971 -- New York Times


The Freedom Tower was completed in 2013. It is the centerpiece of the refashioned 16-acre World Trade Center complex that also features the Ground Zero memorial and other newly constructed buildings. It was entirely built by union labor. -- STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

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