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A concerning record

Repeated safety issues for IBK and its subsidiary.

In just the last five years, IBK and its subsidiary have been issued more than $100,000 in fines[i] from regulators for unsafe practices that endangered workers and the public. These fines have included:

  • OSHA issued IBK $12,934 after a November 2018 inspection at 260 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn found IBK failing to properly protect workers from the risk of falls.[ii]

  • In January 2016 at an IBK project at 100 Bogart Street in Brooklyn, a worker was injured and hospitalized[iii] after falling ten feet.[iv] An inspection following the incident led OSHA to issue IBK two serious violations carrying a total of $6,750 in fines for failing to have sufficient fall protection measures in place.[v]

  • In July of 2016 on a project in Manhattan, the New York City Department of Buildings fined IBK $10,000[vi] following an incident where a defective pipe burst on a concrete truck,[vii] spraying concrete onto a car across the street.[viii] The DOB inspector noted that while cleaning up the concrete, workers were “allowing it to wash down the street into sewer,” with no attempt to protect the sewer system.[ix]

  • In 2014 at 19 East 116th Street, the Department of Buildings issued IBK a $24,000 fine (later reduced to $5,469.90) for unsafely using a crane.[x] The inspector noted that the crane was engineered to be set up in the street, but had instead been set up on the sidewalk, posing a serious risk that “the sidewalk could collapse and cause the crane to overturn.”[xi] In August of 2017, the DOB issued IBK four separate violations carrying more than $16,000 in fines for again unsafely and improperly operating a crane.[xii]

  • Following inspections in February and April of 2016, OSHA issued 26 serious violations (later reduced to 18 serious violations) to RCS Construction, a rebar fabrication shop located in Hillside, NJ[xiii]  owned by IBK.[xiv] The violations carried more than $53,000 in fines.[xv] OSHA noted in an accompanying press release that RCS employees were “at risk of amputations” because of RCS’s lack of safeguards, and exposure to dangerous chemicals and electrical hazards. RCS was also cited for dangerous crane operations.[xvi]


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