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The Business Case For Hiring and Buying Union

Unions do more than benefit union members. They are building a better and more profitable future for all stakeholders.


New York City construction is a fiercely-competitive world in which every inch of space is precious and the slightest mistake can cost millions. So here’s the concrete truth: Union construction is about more than fair wages and worker protections. It's a winning business strategy that benefits developers, contractors, workers, and real estate buyers. It’s been proven that Union Built construction is more cost effective than non-union construction. Let's take a closer look at why this is the case.


Safety: Protect Your Bottom Line

Union construction workers receive top-notch safety training and are held to strict safety standards. This means fewer accidents on the job site, which saves contractors time and money. Non-union contractors, by comparison, cut corners on safety which can result in tragic deaths, work stoppages and hefty fines.  A safe construction site means fewer delays, ensuring that projects are completed on schedule, and union construction sites are the safest in the business. 


Quality and Experience: There’s No Substitute  

You can't fake expertise. Union construction workers are highly trained professionals who have completed rigorous apprenticeship programs. They know their stuff, and they're dedicated to getting the job done right. The result? High-quality projects that stand the test of time. This  translates into a better return on investment for real estate buyers.

A winning business strategy that benefits developers, contractors, workers, and real estate buyers: Go with union labor.


The diverse mix of New York's construction unions very closely matches the diversity of the city. population. Advancement within the unions is based on merit, not on race, gender, or other factors. -- iStock

Building Relationships and Loyalty

In the high-stakes world of real estate development, reputation is everything. Hiring union construction workers demonstrates a commitment to ethical business practices, helping developers and contractors build lasting relationships with clients, investors, and the community. Union workers, in turn, are more loyal to companies that invest in them. This loyalty leads to increased productivity, which benefits everyone involved in the project.


Legal Peace of Mind

Union construction workers operate under a collective bargaining agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of their employment. This means fewer misunderstandings and disputes. It also means less risk of walk-offs, wage-theft lawsuits or other issues that could stop work on a construction project in its tracks. Contractors can rest easy, knowing they've got a workforce that's fully aware of their rights and responsibilities.


The Ripple Effect: Good Wages and Economic Growth

When developers and contractors hire union construction workers, they're not just investing in a single project. They're also investing in the local economy. Union workers earn fair wages, which they spend at local businesses, stimulating growth and job creation. It's a win for everyone. 


Fully 73% of New York's construction union members live within one of the five boroughs. When developers hire unions, they are employing New York residents, tax payers, and benefitting families here.

In the end, hiring union construction workers does more than benefit unions— it’s a smart business move that pays dividends for everyone involved. Developers and contractors can count on quality craftsmanship, safety, and loyalty. Workers benefit from fair wages and a safe work environment. Real estate purchasers can feel confident in their investments, knowing they're buying in a building made to the highest quality that will stand the test of time.


Mark Colangelo is a writer and blogger.

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