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A concerning record

Wage theft settlements total nearly $1M, additional case ongoing.

  • Highbury recently settled 2 class action lawsuits from workers who alleged they were owed unpaid overtime wages. Highbury settled the first lawsuit with 22 plaintiffs for $625,000,[i] and settled with 7 plaintiffs from the second lawsuit for 326,344.24; however, the second suit remains ongoing with the rest of the plaintiffs in the suit outside of the 7 who settled continuing to press their claims.[ii]

Nine workers rescued by fire department, treated for injuries following unsafe Carbon Monoxide exposure

  • In February of 2019, the Fire Department had to rescue and treat workers overcome by Carbon Monoxide exposure on a Highbury job site as a result of a gasoline-powered generator running in a confined space.[iii] DOB inspectors noted in a violation issued to

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FDNY rescues 9 Highbury workers exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a generator that was being run in a closed space. Photo: NBC-TV NEWS NY

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Highbury that there were “no safety measures in place to safeguard personnel.”[iv]

  • Nine workers were hospitalized as a result of the Carbon Monoxide exposure, with four suffering serious injuries. According to news reports, Carbon Monoxide levels on the job site had reached 700 parts per million – 70 times the level considered dangerous. An hour and a half after the rescue, Carbon Monoxide levels were still at 350 parts per million.[v]

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