Whaddayou Know?

Coming soon to this website, a video series featuring The Greek Goddess of Comedy, and native New Yorker, comedian Ellen Karis

Ellen will bring her unique style of humor directly to the streets of New York where she'll be asking fellow citizens what they know about the buildings that surround us everywhere we go.


From active construction sites to finished buildings gone wrong, she'll challenge people to tell her what they know about local construction, about building history, and how they think New York City buildings should be built (hint: by unions).

Watch for it here - or sign up for our newsletter for reminders.

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Here's a short list of some of Ms. Karis's credits.


Here are some places Ellen will be visiting to talk with locals


Queens, Hero at Long Island City: A 24-story luxury building built by non-unions, that features broken down elevators, leaking ceilings, a perpetually out-of-service fitness center and a zen garden that looks like the garbage corral. Luxurious!


Manhattan, 11 Greene St.: Proof that looks and location can be deceiving. So much has gone wrong in the non-union constriction of this building that almost half the residents have stopped paying rent out of protest. 


Manhattan, The Leaning Tower of Pizzarotti: A 58-story high rise is leaning before it’s even finished. Oh – and a worker was killed in an incredibly stupid event by the builder. Now, it’s enormous skeleton is stuck in limbo because a non-union contractor tried to save money instead of doing the job right. Think you’ll ever want to set foot in that building?


Brooklyn, 2 Blue Slip: A “luxury” waterfront Brooklyn condo built by non-union contractors, is accused of being exquisitely non-luxurious by residents. Leaks, broken fixtures, shoddy materials. Whose idea of luxury is that? Non-union luxury?


Brooklyn, Bond Street: 33 Bond (right), built by unions, completed ahead of time, to code, and 4X as large as 61 Bond (left) — which was built by non-unions, was years late, contractor was accused of wage theft, and a guy died on the site because of negligence. Is there a moral to this story?


Queens, Jackson Park: Two buildings side-by-side. One built by unions, the other by Rovini, non-union. The developer supposedly saved a ton of money hiring Rovini. But the rents in both the buildings are exactly the same. Why is the cheaper-made building the same rent? Where did that money go?

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