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Mission: Bond Street.
Union Once Again Outperforms Non 

He's Billy the Builder Bond. His mission is to compare two buildings on Bond Street in Brooklyn: a union-built multi-use property and a non-union-built hotel.

Duration – 2:15

He's Bond, Billy the Builder Bond

Construction on 33 Bond St and 61 Bond St in Brooklyn started on virtually the same week in 2016. The union-built building at 33 was completed and open for business in 28 months, well ahead of schedule. The non-union-built hotel at 61 was 4X smaller than 33 Bond, took nearly 6 years to complete, a worker was killed, there was wage theft, criminal charges...

Duration – 1:06

For the Community

One resident talks about the impact that the union building has on the community, while it's being built and after it's finished.

Duration – 1:03

Union Pride

A union man talks about the pride union workers take in creating a lasting, quality structure that benefits their neighbors.

Duration – 2:15

No Comparison

The benefits that residents get from unions cannot be compared to the ills that many non-union contractors bestow on a neighborhood, which include crime and death.

Duration – 1:06

It's About Increased Value

Brooklynite explains the enhanced value that a well-built multi-use building bring to the surrounding buildings and to the quality of life.

Duration – 0:43

Word Association

When Billy the Builder says "decaf" do you think non-union? 

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